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Professional chewing-gum removal

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We all know how chewing-gums end up on streets. But what about cleaning them off streets?

The problem with chewing-gum residues is an international one and makes the cleaning in all regions, cities and municipalities more difficult. Chewing-gum stains are very stubborn and hard to remove by means of daily-use conventional cleaning.

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Spots also contain bacteria and fungi which are harmful to our health. These sticky spots are a highly visible disfigurement and make public spaces, entrances and sidewalks quite unattractive.

We have a solution to this problem

The cleaning is carried out with a thermo-mechanically 3-step process. We produce water vapour, put a special detergent into the water to remove the dissolved chewing-gum with the help of the brushes and a vacuum cleaner.

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After cleaning the floor is deaply cleaned, free from bacteria and fungi and disinfected. We can clean any kind of indoor and outdoor floors (except wood) by simply regulating the temperature between 160 and 200C°.

This machine allows you to cleanlarge areas by meansof 80cm width integrated brushes, for areas which are difficult to access such as stair steps, corners, edges or for spot cleaning we have a special cleaning lance. With our device you can remove not only chewing-gum but also tyre tracks and oil stains. Clean squares, streets, siedewalkes, shopping areas and entrances are the bussiness card of every city, municipalityas well as of private tenants and owners.

First impressions count and should therefore be convincing

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You can improve your city`s cleanliness and positive image by removing stains. We guarantee a professional performance with a positive "AHA" effect!